Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

When all around us is in negative mood due to COVID-19 situation, why not look at some positive side of the COVID-19 and it’s impact? I’ve shared my thoughts below. Urge you to share your positive thoughts too, because the best thing that we can do is to spread positivity.

  • Arrogance of human beings is crushed; when the so-called superpowers are in great danger from a microscopic enemy.
  • Right time to move to gig economy and explore entrepreneurship, if you have lost job or may lose the job.
  • Right time to get into technology based business or upgrade technologies, if you think your current business can’t sustain.
  • You want to know the ‘Values’ of a leader or an organisation, just observe, how they deal with this current situation.
  • To be happy one doesn’t need many things, lockdown has taught us that. 
  • Lockdowns have helped in improving Environmental situation.
  • Reverse brain drain is good for the economy, when millions of expatriates are expected to return home.
  • Opportunity for Indians to grab businesses that will move out of China.
  • Unable to pay interests for the loans, credit card payments, etc ? Don’t worry most of us are in the same situation including Governments.
  • It is high time to develop rural places too, as migrant workers are turning back to their villages.

After all, that which does not kill us makes us Stronger…This too shall pass !

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